Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Montano Reports/Important City Council Meeting/Corps of Engineers

The City Council will be discussing the re-striping of Montano Road to 4 general purpose lanes at its meeting in the Council Chambers on Monday, November 21 at 5 p.m. Please attend this important meeting to express your concerns about the manner in which the mayor re-striped the corridor and about the effects the 4 general purpose lane configuration is having on residents and businesses in our area.

Rick Hall, who’s firm (HPE Consultants) produced a report suggesting an alternative configuration to Montano Road, is scheduled to speak at this meeting. You can review or download the studies conducted on Montano, as well as the Citizen’s Advisory Committee’s analysis of these reports, at http://www.cabq.gov/council/montanocorrstudies.html.

If you have email addresses and/or phone numbers of folks who would be interested in making their voices heard at this meeting, call or email them with this information.

In addition, those concerned with the fact that the City has filed a formal request with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to amend the current 404 permit (which covers the bridge span and limits the bridge to 1 lane in each direction) should consider writing to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The officer reviewing the City’s request to amend the existing 404 permit is Jean E. Manger, Regulatory Project Manager for the Albuquerque District of the Army Corps of Engineers. Ms. Manager may be reached via email at Jean.E.Manger@spa02.usace.army.mil or by phone at 342-3216. Please be aware that the Corps is NOT REQUIRED to hold public hearings before reaching a decision on the City’s request to amend the permit to allow 4 general purpose lanes across the bridge. However, if the Corps receives significant pressure from the public, it may decide to require the City to hold public meetings on the issue first. Please encourage Ms. Manger to hold off on any decision until the Corps and/or the City have held these meetings or have otherwise received meaningful input from affected stakeholders.

Thanks for your active participation in helping to make our area a better place to live and work!