Thursday, April 21, 2005

General Meeting Set for April 30, 2005 to Discuss Next Steps, Possible Charette; Important City Council Vote on May 2, 2005

We hope you can join us at our next general meeting, which is scheduled for Saturday, April 30 from 1 - 3 p.m. at St. Michael and All Angel's Episcopal Church on Montaño just west of 4th Street. A lot has happened since we published our Community Visioning Report last fall. We'd like to bring you up to date on what's been going on and where we'd like to go from here. There are a number of significant opportunities for improving our area and influencing City Hall, so please plan on attending.

Among the issues we will be discussing is the possibility of conducting a design Charette for our area. What is a Charette? It is a concentrated design process. In our case it will define the future of the 4th Street corridor between Douglas MacArthur and Solar Roads, based upon our vision and the urban design possibilities that experts will help explain to us. Over a period of days (perhaps two weekends with some evenings in between) we will clarify our ideas which the experts will put into drawings and plans that everyone can understand and agree upon. We know what we want and need; experts will help us understand how we can bring our ideas into reality, based upon what has worked in other areas like ours around the country.

Please mark the date on your calendar. We'll see you on April 30!

(P.S. - If you can't attend this meeting but would like to know how you can become more involved in the Coalition's work, please contact Steve Cogan, Chairman of the Coalition, at 350-4513 or via email at

Important City Council Vote on Monday, May 2

The City Council will hear competing bills from Councilors O'Malley and Cadigan on Monday, May 2 at 5 p.m. in the City Council chamber. Significantly, Councilor Cadigan's bill is designed to overturn the court-imposed injunction put in place last fall when the New Mexico district court ruled that the City could not proceed with reconfiguring Montaño Road to four lanes. The court enjoined the City from moving forward, citing several City Council resolutions that restrict Montaño to two lanes of general purpose traffic. If Cadigan's bill passes, the City could move to lift the injunction and proceed with its plans to re-stripe the Montaño corridor. Councilor O'Malley's resolution would require that several steps be completed before the Council could consider re-striping the corridor.

WE NEED YOUR PRESENCE AT THE MAY 2 CITY COUNCIL MEETING!!! A couple of members of our Coalition will be signing up to speak on behalf of Councilor O'Malley's bill and against Councilor Cadigan's resolution. You do not need to speak at the meeting (though all are welcome to do so), but it would be very helpful if we could ask our members to stand up while we address the Council. We've been assured by Councilor O'Malley that a large presence at the Council meeting does have an effect on how the Councilors vote, so please come if you possible can. (Unfortunately, we can't guarantee the exact time at which we will be invited to speak to the Council).