Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mayor Vetoes Independent Study Bill

Claiming that a study of the Fourth Street and Montaño intersections could be done "in house," Mayor Martin Chavez vetoed Councilor Debbie O'Malley's bill calling for an independent study of the intersection. Councilor O'Malley's bill, which passed by a 7-2 vote (Councilors Cadigan and Loy voted against O'Malley's bill), would have required that the intersection be analyzed by an independent third party. http://www.abqjournal.com/news/metro/291800metro01-18-05.htm.

Unfortunately, our Mayor does not like things to be done without his complete control. A study done under the direction of anyone in Mayor Chavez's employment has a certain outcome. In addition, having this study under the supervision of an individual (Municipal Development Director Ed Adams) who maintains that there is only a minimal relationship between the intersection and the economic impacts to the surrounding business community, is a joke. Why bother? Apparently, this Administration knows what's best for we "unenlightened" citizens, so much so that they never consulted with anyone concerning their latest proposals for a four-lane Montaño corridor (this despite our repeated requests to be involved and to share the elements of our Community Visioning Report with the Administration).

We urge everyone to contact members of the City Council and urge them to support Councilor O'Malley's veto override. We demand an independent analysis that will provide meaningful options consistent with our community's own stated vision for itself. What in the world is this Administration so afraid of, unless they're concerned that they won't be able to deliver a four lane Montaño corridor (irrespective of our input or economic revitalization concerns) to the Mayor's West Side political base in advance of the upcoming mayoral election this fall? Let's toss aside the politics as usual and identify some meaningful options for Albuquerque. And let's do so quickly.