Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Full Text of Albuquerque Journal Letter; Your Support Needed To Override the Mayor's Veto

The Albuquerque Journal has printed the full version of a letter written by Coalition Vice Chairman Chris Kenny that appeared in last week's Journal. The full text version appears in today's West Side Journal. Subscribers to the print version who have a password to the online Journal may view the article at the following link: The full version also appears at an earlier post on this blog.

We need your help! Please try to come to the City Council meeting tonight (Wednesday) at 5 p.m. and/or send e-mails of support to all the city councilors. Ask them to override the Mayor’s veto of the independent study resolution passed by the City Council last month and ask them to support Debbie’s bill. The comprehensive study is the only way we are going to get attention paid to our concerns--the impact of proposed lane changes on Montaño residents and the impact on 4th Street revitalization. Despite some Westsiders’ views, it is also the only way the city will get a really better intersection that will benefit commuters. This study is all about the possibilities of what can be done to make Albuquerque a better city for everyone. Our calls for such a study have been endorsed by State Representative Ed Sandoval, Senator Dede Feldman, The Albuquerque Journal, The Albuquerque Tribune, and by a majority of the City Council. The Mayor seems to be the true roadblock at this point. The Mayor and his staff are putting a great deal of pressure on the Council to change their position on the independent study and to support his veto. Please urge them to stand up for what's right for our city and let them know how much we appreciate their support of an independent study of the area. They need to hear from you and to know that we are grateful for their support!

E-mail addresses are:;;;;;;;;

Getting to Council chambers is really pretty easy. Take Martin Luther King Jr. west from I-25 or west from 2nd Street. Take the left lane and go into the parking under civic plaza. The chambers are in the City/County building on the west side of the plaza.