Thursday, December 16, 2004

Important City Council Meeting on Monday, December 20

All who are interested in making sure that the Coalition's efforts do not go to waste are encouraged to attend an important City Council meeting at 5 p.m. on Monday, December 20, 2004. At that meeting Councilor Michael Cadigan is expected to introduce a resolution calling on the City Council to abandon the resolutions passed over the years by prior City Councils. Those prior resolutions establish specific criteria for the City of Albuquerque to meet before four lanes on Montaño could be considered. Perhaps more importantly, these prior resolutions also form the legal basis for the injunction that was imposed by Judge Theresa Baca, preventing the City from re-striping the Montaño corridor. Councilor Cadigan and the Mayor of Albuquerque would like the City Council to rescind these requirements. If the Council passes Cadigan's resolution, the City would immediately go back to Judge Baca, who in almost all probability would lift her injunction. The City could then immediately re-stripe the Montaño corridor to four lanes.

As we've noted in earlier posts on this blog, our Coalition believes that the re-striping of the Montaño corridor, together with the City's currently planned "fixes" to the intersection at 4th and Montaño, would cause significant harm to our area and would not improve traffic flow for anyone. We need individuals to attend Monday's City Council meeting to speak out against Councilor Cadigan's "band-aid" approach to the current situation, which we believe will only add to the divisiveness that has been a part of Montaño's history for too long.

We also encourage you to speak in favor of the Coalition's efforts to seek out a pro-active, positive set of solutions to the traffic flow and economic development issues facing us. We call on the City Council to reject Councilor Cadigan's and Mayor Chavez's short-sighted, ineffective, and divisive policies and instead turn to a more collaborative, comprehensive approach to these issues. Our call for this type of approach has been echoed by many neighborhood leaders on the West Side as well as by the Albuquerque Journal.

Please attend Monday's City Council meeting. If you cannot attend, please contact all of the City Councilors (their contact information can be found at prior to Monday's meeting. Let them know that our Coalition is seeking positive solutions that will benefit everyone and that we are trying to create an environment in which the Montaño and 4th Street corridors can be a source of unity and pride for the City, rather than a source of continued pain and division. We believe this is possible and that our Community Visioning Report ( is a good place to start.