Thursday, December 16, 2004

Albuquerque Tribune Joins the Coalition's Call for Comprehensive Solutions

Today, the Albuquerque Tribune joined the growing chorus of those calling on the Mayor and the City Council to do what's best for all of us by fixing the intersections along the Montaño corridor before attempting to open Montaño to four lanes.,2565,ALBQ_19867_3403841,00.html

It's time for the Mayor and Councilor Cadigan to recognize what so many already fully understand: "band-aid" fixes are not the answer to the problems in our Area; this is not a "West Side vs. North Valley" or "City of Albuquerque vs. Village of Los Ranchos" issue; the true engineering challenges (and opportunities) lie within the intersections at 4th Street and Montaño and points east; solutions that will benefit our entire City may not be inexpensive, but are well worth doing; and the complexity of the issues we face require that an independent, comprehensive study be conducted in order to identify and prioritize the solutions that will result in efficient traffic flow and that will spur economic revitalization for the 4th Street & Montaño Area.

In the Coalition's view, the Mayor and the City Council have a unique opportunity to reject the politics of divisiveness that has plagued the Montaño corridor for decades. We call on them to put real meaning behind the phrase, "Together, we can build a world class city." Let's work collaboratively and comprehensively so that one day, in the not-too-distant future, we might all view the 4th Street & Montaño Area as a place where the City truly has come together, rather than as a source of division and acrimony.