Thursday, November 18, 2004

Problems with "Progress"

An Op-Ed piece appeared in the November 17 West Side section of the Albuquerque Journal that may be of interest to those concerned about the 4th Street & Montano Area. You may view the piece by following this link (note: this link will take you to the online Journal's web site. You will need a user name and password for the online Journal's web site to view the article. Access to the online Journal is free for current subscribers to the print edition of the Journal):

We are posting this link to Mayor Hooker's Op-Ed piece not because the opinions expressed are those of the Coaliton, but rather because he raises some important issues relative to the significant traffic, safety, and economic development issues affecting the 4th Street & Montaño Area. There is no question that our friends and fellow Albuquerueans who live and work on the West Side face very legitimate challenges, which ultimately affect all of us. Similarly, we who live and work in the 4th Street & Montaño Area are extremely concerned with the decades of neglect and poor planning that have saddled businesses and residences alike with economic blight and unacceptable safety and traffic conditions that leave our children at risk every single day.

Our Coalition is all about developing a jewel within the heart of Albuquerque: an area of economic vitality and aesthetic beauty than can be enjoyed by residents from across our City. Mayor Hooker's Op-Ed piece highlights the fact that achieving our community's articulated Vision will require a great deal of political will as well as a concentrated effort by all stakeholders to ensure that the long-overdue improvements to the 4th Street & Montaño Area are implemented.