Wednesday, November 24, 2004

More on "Problems with Progress"

Though we do not wish to get caught up in the personal issues between Former Mayor Hooker and Larry Weaver, who is president of the Paradise Hills Civic Association and chairman of the Unser Middle Citizens Advisory Committee, we'd like to provide a link to Mr. Weaver's Op-Ed piece that appeared in the November 24, 2004 West Side Journal ( Mr. Weaver's piece was a response to an earlier Op-Ed piece written by Mr. Hooker (see the "Problems with Progress" post below).

Significantly, we were pleased to read Mr. Weaver's view that "there should be no rush [to restripe Montaño to four lanes] until the Fourth and Second Street intersections are improved." We couldn't agree more!! Mr. Weaver goes on to say that "Fourth Street and Second Street Improvements are on the way." However, the City's current plans for "improvements" at the Fourth and Montaño intersections fall far short of the comprehensive infrastructure and economic revitalization improvements that are long-overdue for our Area, and, in our view, are not consistent with the Vision that our community recently articulated (you may view our Visioning Report at and clicking on the "Community Visioning Report [pdf]" link). We welcome and respect Mr. Weaver's views on the subject and look forward to working with him and others who would like to see the City make well-deserved and much-needed investments in our Area.